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National Simplicity Day

National Simplicity Day

By Joanie in Health Tips, Lifestyle Tips on 12 July 2022

As we head into the summer holiday season, this is the perfect time to embrace the lessons learned from “National Simplicity Day” which encourages us to properly switch off from work, embody the health and wellbeing benefits of mindfulness and just to slow down and “take a moment”.

National Simplicity Day is celebrated as a day dedicated to stepping away from the “bonds” of technology and unnecessary stresses of every day life. 

So how can you celebrate National Simplicity day? 

Try stepping away from the computer or your phone and find a sunny nook with a cup of tea and book to pass the time. Take a long walk by the beach or through a field and feel the sun on your skin. Simply take in the beauty of nature around you. These are the moments that can truly bring you peace and tranquillity. Ask yourself what you can cut out of your life that perhaps causes you unwanted stress and burden and then consider what you can change in your life to eliminate it.  

Rest, relax & breathe. 

Happy National Simplicity Day

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