Our mission


The mission of The Healthy Life Foundation is to support scientific and medical research targeted at preventing degenerative disease and extending both human health span and life span and thus improving quality of life nationally and globally.


To fundraise for and award grants to cutting-edge world-leading research into ageing, research that is translational with clear patient benefit whilst also taking all steps necessary to ensure the research funded is as cost-effective as possible.

We aim to fund research programmes in the following disease-related areas:

  • Ageing, neurodegeneration, and rejuvenation medicine
  • Repair and regenerative medicine
  • Cardiac and circulatory metabolism
  • Tumour metabolism and metastasis
  • Inflammation as a metabolic disease of oxidative stress
  • Discovery of metabolism-related biomarkers and drug therapies
  • Obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • Inherited metabolic disorders
  • Caloric restriction and disease prevention