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Optimise Brain Function!

Optimise Brain Function!

By Joanie in Health Tips on 4 November 2019

10 Amazing Foods for the Brain

1.) Matcha Green Tea:(Catechines & Polyphenols)– Boosts Dopamine levels, Increases Memory, Concentration and Energy Levels.

2.) Eggs: (Choline & Protein)– Boost Memory, Concentration and Energy Levels.

3.) Nuts:(Omega 3 & 6 and Fatty Acids)-Balances Serotonin Levels and Boosts mood.

4.) Berries:(High levels of Antioxidants)– Boosts Brain Function

5.) Wild Salmon:(Rich Source of Omega 3)– Improves Mood, Memory & Concentration

6.) Bananas:(Vitamin B6, Potassium & Folic Acid)– Increases Serotonin & Boosts Mood.

7.) Dark Chocolate: (Antioxidants & Flavonoids)– Stimulates Blood flow to the Brain resulting improved Memory & Concentration.

8.) Cauliflower: Assists in Cleaning White Matter in the Brain & Spine

9.) Kale: Helps Blood Flow to the Brain

10.) Avocado:(Healthy Fats): Boosts Concentration and Brain Development

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